La Grande, Oregon.

This view looking west shows the arrival of the Union Pacific's

new McKeen gasoline motor car & trailer. It appears to be on a

local tour of stations along the line. It would have been used for

passenger & light express service on branch smaller branch lines.

The "windsplitter design" was a misunderstanding of aerodynamics,

as the effect would have been better had the round end been in front.

The card is postmarked September 28, 1914, & the message says

"I think this is the wild & wooly west."

La Grande, Oregon.

Adams Avenue bird's eye town view, postmarked 1907.

La Grande, Oregon.

Adams Avenue (the main street), ca. 1930.

La Grande, Oregon.

The "City Building" with fire department, postmarked July 7, 1919.

                                                                                     La Grande, Oregon.

                                                                   Adams Avenue main street view, ca. 1947.